Changi Nasi Lemak, a reputable brand serving the most delicious and savoury Chinese Style Nasi Lemak to the people of Singapore, was established in the 1970s.

We enjoy an enviable reputation of being considered the pioneers of this delicacy. Seeing how much people relished our Coconut Rice and Chilli – alongside a bid to keep the original taste, the founders of Changi Nasi Lemak made sure The Legendary Changi Chilli recipe was preserved and passed down to future generations.
 Changi Nasi Lemak | Legendary Changi Chilli | Nasi Lemak in Singapore

For over 20 years, we served the most sought after Chilli in Singapore before taking a break. Today, we are staging a comeback targeted at serving the good people of Singapore with the best Nasi Lemak, like we used to. The only difference is, by the virtue of three generations’ worth of experience, we can now offer better.

We have a long history of maintaining an impressive and unrivaled standard that’s based on creating our own special and appetite-whetting taste while maintaining consistent high quality and all-round excellence. For us, it’s about giving our customers the best at all times. By combining decades of valuable experience, unwavering commitment, and present-day kitchen technology, we are intent on achieving this and more.
Our service is to you, and this represents a huge fraction of why we will continue to give you the best Nasi Lemak experience.