Changi Nasi Lemak | Legendary Changi Chilli | Nasi Lemak in Singapore


This premier Legendary Changi Chilli recipe for our Nasi Lemak has a history spanning over five decades. It bears fruit of our culinary ingenuity and unrivalled ability to blend flavours.

From the moment the business was established, our legendary Changi Chilli won the hearts of customers and went on to become a mini household name in the 1970s. This happened after good words of its great taste travelled far and wide through word of mouth – an impressive feat, especially as there was no internet.

Freshly made every morning to give customers the best tailored Nasi Lemak experience.

Made with the freshest fried anchovies and other exotic ingredients, all of which are carefully handpicked by the founders. This is why it has such a rich and refined taste.

It is gentle on the tongue and packs in just the right amount of flavour. This is the best Chilli tailored for a complete Nasi Lemak experience.